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A group workshop program.

I have run parenting groups for more than 500 couples and have noticed that there are many areas of difficulties that are common to all parents. That many parents want to know how to engage cooperation, deal with sibling rivalry, or how to discipline effectively. And that many parents want to know what is appropriate for each age and stage of development. I have also seen that parents prefer practical suggestions to deal with these issues.

Every profession requires some training, except the job of parenting. This workshop aims to provide some skills on dealing with normal developmental issues. The group runs for 5 consecutive sessions. Each session is self-contained in that it deals with a separate topic around parenting.


1. Dealing with children's distress: How to handle your child's difficult feelings: anger, sadness, frustration etc.
2. Discipline: Do behaviors and don’t behaviors: How to get children to do all the things we expect them to do e.g. get in the bath, get dressed, do homework etc. This session also looks at stopping inappropriate behavior like hitting, nagging, kicking, spitting, whining, teasing etc.
3. Building independence and autonomy: helping children to become self-sufficient. In this session we also talk about the ages and stages of development and what is normal within these. The aim is to build realistic expectations for children and their parents.
4. Raising self esteem: Helping children to become who they are. In this session we discuss our role as parents in building self-esteem. We focus on the need for children (and adults) to have a good self concept as a foundation for a good self-esteem.
5. Roles that children take in the family (including sex role identity - raising boys/girls): How do girls grow up to feel like girls and how do boys become little boys? Here we talk about their differences and our role as parents in helping children to grow. Children can take certain roles in the family such as “my clumsy child” or “fussy baby” or “stubborn or even “my sensitive child”. And when parents put children in these roles, they begin to act them out. We discuss how important it is to allow children the freedom to become who they are.

The group is interactive but also didactic. There are evening groups for couples and morning groups for mothers or fathers.
To book a place please contact Sheryl (Ph) 011 786 5516 or sheks@icon.co.za


Sheryl Cohen

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