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Welcome to Effective Parenting.co.za - Understanding your baby in the first year - Bringing home a sibling - DISCIPLINE: Do behaviours - DISCIPLINE: Don't behaviours - TV, toy guns and sex education - Making up an essential CD Series for ALL parents - ORDER TODAY!!! - ONLY R80.00 per CD...

Adhd or just naughty
Good kids - bad behaviour
Bringing home a sibling
Children and change
Children and play - your baby
Children and TV - How much is too much?
Children and TV - How much is too much? (Winter)
Effects of PND on kids benefits
New baby... are you psychologically prepared
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— Follow the first 12 months of your baby's     emotional development
— Cope with separation anxiety when your     child won't go to sleep
— Understand a father's role in your baby's     first year
— How to cope with the change in family     dynamics
— What to expect from your older siblings
— How to handle regression when your 2 year     old wants a bottle again
— How to handle sibling rivalry
— How to handle the first day, week and     month of your baby's life in your home
— Get your children to cooperate without     fighting, shouting, nagging or punishing
— Teach your children to listen effectively
— Learn what is age appropriate and what is     not
— Creat a family environment of mutual     respect
— Stop your children fighting, crying, spitting,     kicking, biting, swearing, lying, stealing and     all the other inappropriate behaviours
— Avoid power struggles and regain control of     the family
— Communicate effectively with your children
— Raise sociable, civilised and happy children
— How much TV is too much
— What are the effects of TV on your children
— How to manage TV at home
— Are toy guns bad for children
— How to answer questions about babies and     where they come from
— Questions about raising boys and raising     girls
The fifth disc in the Raising Children Effectively series has just been released. If you order the remaining CD's from us now we will send you a copy of Sheryl's NEW RELEASE TV, toy guns and sex education at no charge. Total cost including package is R320,00 (R80,00 each). Contact us at sheks@icon.co.za or sms your telephone number to 082 883 0536 and we will contact you.
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